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Infomatch Internet September 1997
FPCreated.gif (9866 bytes) We are pleased to announce the availability of the Frontpage 98 server extensions on our new server Current Virtual Server clients can upgrade for a small fee, please email for details. The beta of Frontpage 98 is free for the download from Microsoft by clicking on the icon at left.

Surf the net in a pair of Vancouver's world famous Dayton boots.

Check out our new Tucows Top 100 software archive.

Support the Deaf Children's Society of BC by visiting their new Website.

Curious about setting up your WWW pages? Check out our WWW Faq Page.

Our WWW link directory has been updated to include sections on Palmtop computing and Webzines.

You won't need glasses to see the The B.C. Association of Optometrists home page.

Two of our clients have won Looksmart Editors Choice awards Three Routes and Pacific Professional Seminars.

Click here for information on setting up PPP with Windows 95 to connect with Infomatch.

Anime fans should visit Tenchi Muyo or Proto Sub Culture Inc.

Looking for professional WWW design and setup? Check out Emerge Online.

The University of British Columbia is now offering a number of Internet related courses. The Internet Programs information can be found here.

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